Allison Solomon, director of Disability Support Services, is January’s Employee of the Month.

Denise Joseph is described as a hard-working, well-organized individual— qualities that made her Employee of the Month for December 2011.

Jo-Alice Davis was selected as November's Employee of the Month.

Corey Shum, programmer/analyst in mechanical engineering, is October’s Employee of the Month.

Colleagues describe Deborah Littleton as knowledgeable and innovative in handling problems and as a caring advisor of her students.

School of Nursing’s Angel Bailey named Employee of the Year.

Bennett’s commitment faculty, staff and students and his community outreach endeavors, has earned him the Employee of the Month honor.

UAB ED Charge Nurse Matt McLain is on track to complete his nurse practitioner degree in 2013, and he’s also July’s Employee of the Month.

Photographer Steve Wood is UAB's visual storyteller and June's Employee of the Month.

Tracy Sims’ patience, understanding and efficiency make her an integral part of the OSP and deserving of May’s Employee of the Month award.

Angel Bailey, administrative associate in the Center for Nursing Research in the School of Nursing, is April’s Employee of the Month.

Meet Amanda Watts — March's Employee of the Month.

Christy Lievens is a treasure to students wishing to study away. Her knowledge of procedures requirements is invaluable.
Margaret Feller uses tribal lessons to manage multiple difficult tasks. She has been named Employee of the Month for January.
Angela Rembert, current quality assurance officer in the School of Dentistry, is December's Employee of the Month.
Daniel’s positive support and her dedication are a few of the reasons she has been selected November’s Employee of the Month.
Gail Owens is the Employee of the Month.
Parents and co-workers praise Susie White’s patience, organization and loving attitude as key traits that make her worthy of May’s Employee of the Month honor.
Frances Harbin, an office associate II in the Division of Gerontology, Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine, is the Employee of the Month.
Meet Shalisa Sanders. She is the Employee of the Month
Mark Case is the Employee of the Month.
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