August 07, 2023

Vacation/holiday policies updated and two holidays added to this year's calendar

by Brooke Carbo

rep calendar 550pxEffective Oct. 1, 2023, eligible UAB employees who are in their initial six-month probationary period will be allowed to utilize their accrued vacation time and three personal holidays with their supervisor's approval. The holiday policy for regular part-time employees, and employees of UAB Hospital, UAB Police and the UAB Call Center, remains unchanged.

This change is reflected in the updated HR Policy 301: Vacation and HR Policy 302: Holidays in the UAB Policies and Procedures Library.

Two extra holidays added to this year's calendar

Additionally, two extra holidays have been added to this year’s holiday calendar for eligible UAB employees — Dec. 26, 2023, and Jan. 2, 2024. These dates will be additional designated holidays for non-essential employees, and essential employees will have 16 additional holiday hours added to their balance before these dates occur. This will increase the maximum personal holiday hours for essential employees to 112 hours through June 2024.

“I am grateful for all that our faculty and staff do each day to support UAB’s mission, vision and shared values,” said President Ray Watts. “This additional time off to relax and celebrate with family and friends is well deserved.”

“As a leading employer, we are committed to offering faculty and staff paid time away from work to recharge along with spending time with family and friends,” said Chief Human Resources Officer Janet May.

Visit the HR website for more information on UAB’s holiday schedule and the HR Update on HR Policies 301 and 302.