April 04, 2024

Physical Security has moved to Medical Towers

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erep physical security move 550pxSee full-size map belowEmployees needing to get a new or replacement ONE Card, a brass key for an office door or to engage with UAB Radio Paging should note that these services have a new address.

On April 1, Physical Security moved from its Burleson Building location to Suite 101 on the first floor of Medical Towers at 1717 11th Avenue South. 

The move has several advantages for customers, says Mike Hasselbrink, director of Physical Security. One is the availability of more parking; while there were only an average of three slots open at the Burleson Building location, there should be even more parking spots (all covered) in the Medical Towers deck. Parking is free for the first 20 minutes, Hasselbrink notes.

Nearly every new UAB employee visits Physical Security to pick up their ONE Card or building keys, Hasselbrink points out, and the aging Burleson Building location did not make a great first impression. The new space “will meet our needs at present and give us room to grow,” he said.

Space is at a premium: Physical Security is responsible for tracking more than 500,000 brass keys to office doors and building entries around campus and for tracking more than 60,000 ONE Cards for employees and students. Working with UAB IT, Hasselbrink’s team ensures that these users have the proper access to buildings, suites and offices at UAB.

“We look forward to serving employees and students at our new location,” Hasselbrink said.

Physical Security relocating Medical TowerMap by JODY POTTER | UAB Communications and Marketing