September 04, 2018

Follow this simple rule for contacting elected officials

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advocacyIt is important that elected representatives understand the ways in which UAB faculty, staff and students help transform the community and the world. Their legislative support is vital to UAB’s contributions to education, patient care, research and innovation, community service and economic development.

It is equally important that faculty, staff and students are aware that interactions with elected representatives are framed by legal and ethical restrictions; for those reasons, all outreach to them regarding UAB business is coordinated by public affairs professionals and university leaders. This ensures clarity and provides protection for everyone.

If, as an employee, you wanted to invite elected officials to a UAB event, advocate for a UAB-related issue or seek support for a UAB initiative, there’s a process for that:

  • Submit a written request to the dean or AVP of the business or academic unit for consideration.
  • If supported, the request advances to the provost or vice president who can review with the university’s public affairs professionals.
  • Public affairs professionals will contact elected officials as appropriate.

Employees always are free to contact elected officials as individuals on issues that are not related to UAB business. But, if they identify themselves as UAB employees, they should note that their opinions are their own and do not represent the university.