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We are looking for people who identify as trans or cisgender, are 18-65 years of age and would like to take part in a research study examining the impact of gender identity, hormone levels and sex assigned at birth to pain sensitivity and immune cell activity. The commitment to this study will last approximately 3 hours where you will fill out questionnaires, have a single blood draw and take part in pain sensitivity testing. Participants must: Be free from certain health conditions (HIX+, cardiovascular disease, uncontrolled hypertension). Participants can be on HRT (hormone replacement therapy) or not. Participants will receive up to $100. To find out more about this study, call 205-834-3625 or email shinestudyuab@gmail.com.
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The Alabama Vaccine Research Clinic at UAB are seeking volunteers for a phase 1 HIV prevention study. This study tests the body’s immune system response to, a protein similar to what is found in HIV. The immune response prepares the body to recognize the same protein in HIV and fight the virus if a person is exposed to HIV in the future. Participants will be compensated over $750 for their efforts.

If you are interested, please call 205-934-6777 or email avrc@uabmc.edu.
You can also fill out our contact form at https://sites.uab.edu/avrc/contact-us/
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This study is being done to better understand sexual health in the transgender community. Eligible volunteers will be compensated. If interested, please call (205) 934-8166.
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The LGBT Alliance for Equality at UAB recently awarded a $1000 scholarship to junior Whitney Shea Julian.

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