Faculty elects new officers, senators

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Wyss Worrell(L-R) Mike Wyss, Ph.D., will become Chair of the Faculty, and Jamey Worrell, Ph.D., will become chair-elect when the new officers are installed for the term beginning Sept. 1.Chair-elect Mike Wyss, Ph.D., will will succeed John Mayer, Ph.D., as chair of the UAB Faculty Senate when the new officers are installed Sept. 1. Jamey Worrell, Ph.D., will become chair-elect, and Kristine Hearld, Ph.D., will become associate chair of the senate based on results of the elections that ended May 21.

A roster of all members of the faculty senate for the term Sept. 1-Aug. 31, 2018, is online.  The list is organized by educational unit and includes 36 senators and 36 alternates in addition to the executive committee.

Wyss is a professor of cell biology and director of the Center for Community Outreach and Development (CORD), which directs much of the university K-12 outreach in STEM fields. He holds secondary appointments in the departments of medicine, neurobiology and psychology and appointments in numerous universitywide centers.

Worrell, the current chair of the senate finance committee, is an associate professor of accounting and finance in the Collat School of Business for which he primarily teaches internal and IT auditing and accounting information systems. He also is the faculty senate representative to the universitywide fringe benefits and information security advisory committees.

Hearld, the current secretary of the senate, is an assistant professor in the Department of Health Services Administration and instructor in the UAB Sparkman Center for Global Health.

Mayer, a professor of mathematics, will serve in roles reserved for the past-chair of the senate.