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You voted in June 2020 and chose UAB's newest Staff Council Representives. They will be representing UAB staff from August 2020 to July 2022.  Official Alternates are listed in italics.

Advancement Office

Joyner Crane
Shannon Turner

Alternate: Borden LeSieur
Alternate: TBD

Athletics Department Administration

Stacey Torman
Joshua Young

Alternate: Caitlin Callaghan
Alternate: TBD

Collat School of Business

Brittany Quinn
Joseph Talty

Alternate: Andreia Stechmann
Alternate: TBD

College of Arts and Sciences

Mallory Brasseale
Jerrie McCurry

Alternate: TBD
Alternate: Courtney White

Graduate School

Mellissa Taylor
Libby Worthington

Alternate: Dylan Pugh
Alternate: TBD

Honors College

Ashleigh Johnson
Jan Stone

Alternate: TBD

Office of the Provost

Lauren Humphreys
Samira Laouzai

Alternate: Andrew Colson
Alternate: Charles Morris

Office of VP Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Davelyn Daniels-Carter
Holly Holliday-Jones

Alternate: TBD
Alternate: TBD

Office of VP Financial Affairs & Admin

Laneitria Head
Margaret McMahon

Alternate: Thelisia Boykin
Alternate: Wesley Davis

Office of VP Information Technology

Stacy Ballard
Kendra Thompson

Alternate: Allante Jowers
Alternate: Eric Kirkpatrick

Office of VP Research

Emily Helman
Nicole Watson

Alternate: TBD
Alternate: TBD

Office of VP Student Affairs

Jeremiah Johnson
Herbert Wilkerson

Alternate: TBD
Alternate: TBD

School of Dentistry

Elizabeth Bolton
Nannozi Ssenkoloto

Alternate: Nancy Parsons
Alternate: TBD

School of Education and Human Sciences

Chris Scott
Jamie Lewis

Alternate: Chelsea Eytel
Alternate: TBD

School of Engineering

Kristina Barlow
Desland Robinson

Alternate: Julie Calma
Alternate: TBD

School of Health Professions

Christina Isom
Rachelle Lawhorn

Alternate: Kristin Chapleau
Alternate: TBD

School of Medicine

Donna Dixon
Jamye Hester

Alternate: Jaideep Honavar
Alternate: Adrianna Marbury

School of Nursing

Emily Craig
Christopher Walker

Alternate: TBD
Alternate: TBD

School of Optometry

Roland Harris
Melendi Morton

Alternate: Sarah Gulledge
Alternate: Satina Richardson

School of Public Health

Sabrina Hagen
Michelle Henry

Alternate: TBD
Alternate: TBD 

UAB Libraries

William Brookshaw
Jeanene Skillen

Alternate: TBD
Alternate: TBD

University Relations

Courtney Lassiter
Yvonne Taunton

Alternate: Haley Herfurth
Alternate: TBD