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Know a staff member who represents UAB’s values so well, they should do so in an official capacity? Nominate them as a Staff Council representative for their organizational unit.

“By coming together to advance the UAB mission and support the shared values of the institution, the Staff Council has been able to serve as an advocate for UAB staff across campus and help make UAB an even better place to work everyday.”

- Holly Holliday-Jones, UAB Staff Council Chair

New Staff Council representatives will serve a two-year term that begins in August 2022 and ends in July 2024.


Have someone in mind? Here are the qualifications they should meet:

  • Have been employed as a staff member at UAB for at least 12 consecutive months (as of the date of nomination)
  • Be in good standing with the University and their department
  • Have supervisor approval for time commitment required for Staff Council activities
  • Be willing to take an active role in council orientation and committee activities
  • Nominations open March 25th and will close April 11th. Candidates may self-nominate or be nominated by a third party.

About Staff Council

Formed in 2016, the Staff Council is an engaged campus organization that represents 22 organizational units and is dedicated to promoting an exchange of ideas among its members, the campus community and the UAB administration. The staff council was formed to be a voice to those who comprise a majority of UAB’s employees by providing advice and recommendations to university administration and leaders.

Voting will take place May 1 – 7, 2022, and newly elected representatives and their alternates will be announced mid-May and attend a half-day orientation session in mid-summer.

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