Drive In WiFi Mktg Web

WiFi for students is available in Express Lot 4 using eduroam. Learn more about UAB's drive-in wifi service.

UAB IT provides a WiFi network in support of the academic, research, and administrative work of the UAB community. This WiFi network serves classrooms, common areas, green spaces and many other popular areas around campus. To use this network, you must have a device with a WiFi network adapter.

Effective July 14, 2014, student access to both wired and wireless networks in UAB’s student dormitories – Blazer, Blount, Camp, Denman and Rast Halls – has been moved to a separate non-UAB network. All dorms are now served through Apogee ResNet Service, and students should direct all questions or concerns about connecting to the wired or wireless network in their dorms directly to the Apogee Help Line at 866-478-8865. Outside the dorms, students should continue to connect their devices to the UAB WiFi network.

Three WiFi networks are available:

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