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  • What is the difference between a CA and RA position?

    While there are many similarities between the CA and RA role, the differences are shown in the expectations and job responsibilities.

    CAs are summer-only positions who provide support to our conference guests instead of students. CAs may prep, work, or stay in different buildings throughout the summer, while RAs stay in their building and work with their floor. RAs will help in conflict mediations, crisis situations, and in creating a community among their residents; whereas, CAs are responsible for assisting conference coordinators in crisis situations and the coordinators are responsible for their participants.

    The CA and RA selection processes are separate so if you are interested in both position make sure to be aware of important deadlines in both processes.

    For more information about the CA position click HERE.

  • What are the primary job responsibilities of a RA?

    The RA job description helps in allowing you to gain a better understanding of the position. Check it out here.

  • What skills and qualifications are you looking for for the RA position?
    • Time management
    • Interpersonal skills
    • Ability to communicate with diverse groups of residents and staff
    • Flexible personality that understands plans can change - very adaptable
    • Demonstrated success in working with groups and handling difficult situations
    • Strong administrative skills with particular attention to detail required
  • What is the GPA Requirement for GAs and RAs?

    RAs will be required to have and maintain a minimum of a 2.5 GPA throughout the term of their employment. To begin employment, new employees must meet the same GPA requirements and be in good standing with the university.

    GAs are have and maintain a minimum of a 3.0 throughout the term of their employment. GAs are to stay in stay in good academic standing with their desired college of study to remain in the program selected.

  • What does being "on duty" mean?

    Being on duty consists of a staff member carrying a cell phone for the night and responding to any issues that may arise including, but not limited to, policy violations, student concerns, and/or facility & maintenance issues.

    The RAs also do building rounds to address any facility, safety or security issues that may not be called in by the resident. Building rounds are a crucial part of keeping the halls running smoothly because it is one of the best times for RAs to interact with residents not only on their floor, but in the whole building.

    When they are on duty, RAs are required to be in the building. RLCs/GAs are on duty for a week, Monday to Monday.

  • May I miss student staff training if I have a scheduling conflict?

    Student Staff Training will have to be your priority during this week! If you encounter a conflict, you are expected to communicate to your supervisor, who will work with you to submit a training absence form. RLCs/GAs are required to be at all training for student staff members.

  • Will my financial aid be affected if hired?

    If you receive financial aid, your aid package MAY be affected by the scholarship awarded. Please check with One Stop Services to determine if accepting a position will change your aid package.

  • How will I be notified about my candidate status?

    All candidates who meet the eligibility requirements are sent an email for an interview. Once the interview process concludes and decisions are made, candidates are notified electronically to their UAB email. There are three decisions types.

    • Hire or Offer: Offers are for specific positions and indicate an assignment to an area, building, and room. Once an offer is accepted by the deadline given, additional information will be gathered to complete required employment documents, some will be online and others are to be printed and returned to Residence Life. The employment documents are to be completed by the specified deadline in order to retain the position.
    • Alternate: When there are more qualified candidates than positions available, which is typically the case, candidates are offered an alternate status that must be accepted or declined. Those who accept the alternate status, will be contacted to fill staff vacancies as they occur. The alternate pool is not ranked; candidates are selected based on their ability to fill a particular staff position and need in on a staff. If the alternate pool is exhausted, the position will be advertised and new applications are accepted.
    • Not Hired: Candidates who will no longer be considered for staff positions.
  • If I have not yet been notified that I have received an RA position, do I have to pay the prepayment for housing?

    Yes, paying the prepayment secures you a space on campus, should you not receive a position. Failure to pay a prepayment and not receive an offer for the RA position potentially may leave you without a space to live on campus.