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The Interfraternity Council, also known as IFC, is the governing body for fraternities on campus. The IFC is responsible for creating policies, promoting academic excellence, and planning formal recruitment and other activities for the fraternities. IFC has its own executive board comprised of members from various fraternities. IFC unites all fraternities regardless of individual affiliation. Each chapter has a delegate and assistant delegate to represent their chapter on the council.

IFC Code of Ethics

IFC LogoUniversity of Alabama at Birmingham Inter-fraternity Council Code of Ethics

We, the members of the Inter-fraternity Council at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, agree to promote the highest ethical standards as embodied by each organization's founding principles, and vow to hold ourselves accountable for our words, actions, and behaviors. We agree to maintain the principles of respect, unity, leadership and scholarship, which bind all men's fraternal organizations in a spirit of brotherhood. Through conscious efforts, we will demonstrate cooperation and high respect to each others property and person. We pledge to adhere to this code of ethics each day and to let the values outlined within it guide ourselves into becoming morally and socially responsible individuals.We shall adhere to all guidelines established by the Inter-fraternity Council and abide by the code of conduct established by the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

We, the men of IFC (Inter-fraternity Council) at the University of Alabama at Birmingham commit to:

1. Respect

We recognize that, after committing ourselves as members, it is our obligation to demonstrate the highest ethical conduct through our actions and by living our ritual daily. We will uphold our character by showing respect to all members of our Greek, non-Greek, UAB, and Birmingham community at all events, as well as through all social media outlets. We will abide by all local and federal laws as well as national and international bylaws and hold one another accountable to these standards set before us. We will remember at all times that we represent not only our individual chapters, but our Greek community as a whole.Member organizations shall serve as strong advocators against the bystander effect. Greek fraternity men will practice awareness and promote intervention in such situations that could lead to sexual assault, rape, and other crimes.

2. Unity

We agree that collaborating ideas, volunteering aid, and communicating with the other councils, fraternities, and sororities will establish a more unified bond Inter-fraternally. We recognize that diminishing all stereotypes and creating a community of support establishes high levels of friendship and camaraderie. We agree to establish goodwill among all fraternities as well as to respect ourselves and our individual chapters. We acknowledge our responsibility to help our university and community hold our council in high esteem by committing ourselves to a high standard. We also recognize true unity requires diversity. We agree to promote and accept each man’s unique personalities and characteristics, seeing that our differences lead to a greater understanding of each other. We agree to be inclusive in our actions and seek to eliminate thoughts and behaviors not upholding this ideal.

3. Leadership

We agree to become active members on campus, within the Greek system, and in the surrounding community. We understand our role as representatives of the Greek community and agree our actions will reflect a positive image. We will provide opportunities of leadership to all members, and will uphold them to their obligations and commitments. We will practice unselfish leadership and agree to work for the greater good of the IFC community in all that we do. We will strive to continue the tradition of creating and nurturing strong leaders, and will seek to maintain a high level of involvement by all members.

4. Scholarship

As we recognize the value of a high quality education, we agree to strive for academic excellence in all of our endeavors. We understand the importance and privilege it is to be a student at UAB and will provide knowledge and information in order to become well-rounded members of the UAB community. We agree to do all that we can to assist each other in order to maintain a council GPA higher than the all mens’ undergraduate GPA. We will do our best at all times as we recognize that by doing so we will further our personal development.


Our Interfraternity Council is composed of seven chapters