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Requesting Light Pole Banners

UAB schools / colleges / units may request new light pole banners by submitting a request below. All requests are reviewed and either approved or denied at the discretion of Marketing & Communications. As a courtesy to allow all UAB schools / colleges / units an opportunity to “mark their territory” on campus, it is policy that you:

  • only replace banners you currently utilize.
  • only utilize light poles directly associated with your building.

Note: For city / cobra head light poles, UAB is permitted to utilize only poles that have existing banners or hardware.

Graphic Content of Banners

Marketing & Communications has established a standard, double-banner template approved for use by schools / colleges / units. The full-color, double-sided banners feature core UAB branding on the left banner and a school / college / unit name on the right banner. In order to maintain brand consistency across campus, any additions, alterations, or alternative designs (e.g. promotion of specific events, campaigns, etc.) are not permitted. Single banners, or omitting the left core UAB banner, is not permitted.

UAB Pole banner 1UAB Core Logo with School / College / Unit Name

Designated Areas for UAB Core Branding

Light pole banners located in certain central areas of campus are reserved for featuring UAB’s core brand only. For example, University Boulevard and 14th Street South are considered main thoroughfares of the campus, so no one school / college / unit may stake claim by displaying individual banners along these streets. These designated areas are reserved for light pole banners featuring only the core UAB branding (e.g. core, Blaze, and / or institutional anniversary logos).

UAB Pole banner 2 UAB Core Brand Only

  • Light Pole Types

    Because the UAB campus features multiple types of light poles, there are no standard banner dimensions applicable across all light pole types. Once you submit a request for new light pole banners, UAB Facilities will conduct a brief site visit (if needed) to capture exact measurements for your banners.

  • Cost + Payment

    Costs for banner production and installation vary and depend on multiple factors, including quantity, pole type / banner size, and hardware needs. Once a request for light pole banners is made, University Relations will work with your school / college / unit to calculate an estimate. The school / college / unit will then be responsible for making payments to the sign vendor and UAB Facilities.

  • Production

    Light pole banners are produced by a Learfield licensed signage vendor. After proof and invoice approval, banners typically take about one week to arrive on campus.

  • Installation

    Light pole banner installation is managed by UAB Facilities. Installation time varies depending on light pole type, hardware needs, weather / outdoor conditions, and other campus initiatives and priorities.


  • Complete a request form at least 8 weeks prior to desired installation date.
  • Marketing & Communications will review and either approve or deny your request.
  • If approved, Marketing & Communications will contact you to obtain additional details necessary to execute the project.
  • You will receive a quote, proof, and invoice to approve before production and installation.
  • Your school / college / unit will be responsible for all associated costs.
  • Banners will be produced by a Learfield licensed signage vendor and installed by UAB Facilities.

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