Brand Standards

I’m working with a small imprint space that cannot accommodate a full UAB logo. What are my options?

For small imprint spaces (e.g. thumb drives, pens, etc.), request your vendor offer similar products with larger imprint spaces. If no viable options exist, you may omit the UAB logo altogether and instead use a UAB font to write the university name in text. Example: “University of Alabama at Birmingham®️” Note the registered mark ®️ is still needed when presenting the university name in text.

We have an outdated program / department logo. May we still use the logo on our marketing materials?

With the August 2018 brand refresh, program and department logos were retired. Moving forward, please use your appropriate school / college / unit logo. You may add your program or department name in text below the logo as long as adequate white space is observed and a UAB font is used. We ask that outdated logos be discontinued from use.


When am I required to use an approved vendor for promotional / apparel items?

Any time you are purchasing promotional / apparel items using UAB / state dollars, you are required to use one of the University Purchasing-approved vendors.

My preferred vendor is not on the approved list. With whom may I speak about getting them added?

University Purchasing curates our approved promo / apparel vendor list. This department is responsible for establishing and awarding UAB purchase contracts in compliance with Alabama Bid Law. Please contact University Purchasing for inquiries.

If I’m using non-UAB / non-state dollars to purchase promotional / apparel items, may I use any vendor I choose?

In this instance, you may use any CLC licensed vendor.

How do I know if a vendor is CLC licensed?

My preferred vendor is not licensed. What are my options?

Unlicensed vendors may apply for a license.

How long does it take for my vendor to become CLC licensed? Does it cost anything?

Typically, the process takes several weeks and costs the vendor a nominal annual fee.

My vendor is providing a one-time product featuring UAB’s trademarks. Is my vendor required to have a CLC license?

Yes, any vendor producing items that feature UAB’s trademarks is required to hold a CLC license. One-time licenses are available and are typically processed much faster. If it’s true one-time need (e.g. the vendor plans no future business with UAB), please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to initiate a one-time license with CLC.

Approval Process

Why am I required to submit a Marketing Approval Form?

Per the UA System requirement, University Relations must approve all marketing and advertising efforts via the Marketing Approval Form. This process allows the university to track marketing spend and review art to ensure brand compliance.

How soon after I submit my Marketing Approval Form will I receive a response?

Our average response time is within one hour and our average ticket solve time is 17 hours.

I submitted a Marketing Approval Form, but I haven’t received a response and it’s been several days. Now what?

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request a status update on your submission. Response time is typically fast, so there could have been a system error.

Am I required to submit a Marketing Approval Form even if I’m not using UAB logos?

Yes, the form is required for all marketing and advertising efforts, even if a UAB logo is not used.

Am I required to submit a Marketing Approval Form for a re-order of the exact same product?

Yes, it allows us to continue tracking marketing spend.