If your website has a particularly long or complicated address but you need a shorter, "friendlier" URL to use in marketing materials, you may request a special URL that can be used to reach your site. We refer to these as "friendlies" or "redirects." For example, the friendly URL www.uab.edu/medicine/scholarships is easier to remember or have printed on a brochure than www.uab.edu/medicine/home/education/prospective/ed-funding/scholarships. 

Web Communications consults with UAB Digital Strategy and Marketing on some requests and reserves the right to refuse the creation of a friendly URL if the scope is deemed too broad — that is, it might apply to more than one area of content. For example, if someone in the School of Optometry asked for "uab.edu/checkup" because they were promoting eye exams, we would decline that request because that term could apply to many areas, and it's best for everyone if marketing efforts are not confusing to visitors.

Every visitor to every page of every site at www.uab.edu has to traverse a massive list of thousands of friendly redirects before being sent to their intended destination. This only takes a short amount of time — a few milliseconds on a good day — but as the list grows, so does the time it takes for our tens of thousands of visitors a day to get through the list. Multiply those milliseconds by the number of visitors, and that equates to a significant amount of time and server load. For this reason, we may limit the number of friendlies a particular group or unit can have. When a new friendly is requested, we may ask that you verify that previously requested friendlies are still needed in order to keep the list as optimized as possible.

Additionally, there are ways to create redirects within your site that you can maintain yourself. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details.