What is FlowPaper?

FlowPaper is a product that allows you to convert PDF documents into interactive online viewing experiences. One key benefit from this tool is the ability to convert standard PDF documents into digital brochures and promotional materials. As our campus becomes more digitally minded each day, we want to offer a tool that allows our communicators the ability to share PDF documents on our UAB websites in a branded and experiential format while keeping accessibility and usability a high priority.

Using FlowPaper

To use FlowPaper, you will start out with an existing PDF. Before you bring your PDF into the FlowPaper product, you must first ensure your PDF meets our accessibility standards. To read more on those standards and learn how to check your PDF document for accessibility, go to our PDF Accessibility page on our Toolkit website. Once you've confirmed your PDF is accessible, you will upload the document to FlowPaper and begin customizing your display options. After you've confirmed all your options and settings, FlowPaper will then give you a code to add to your UAB Joomla or WordPress website. You'll need to copy that code and paste it on the page you want it viewed.

Admin Access

Each school/admin unit will have a "workstation" login they can use to upload PDFs and create documents. Please see the list below to learn who has access to this tool within your school or unit. These logins will not be using your BlazerID passwords. FlowPaper will send each user who we've granted access to a "workstation" an email with login and password creation instructions.

  • Click to see the list of the individual from each school or unit with access to FlowPaper
    • Samil Baker - Provost
    • Kerry Bean - Information Technology
    • Brooke Carbo - Human Resources
    • Paige Dorman - School of Medicine
    • Kim Eaton - Graduate School
    • Chelsea Eytel - School of Education
    • Kevin Hebert - Libraries
    • Joi Jackson - Honors College
    • Lynne Jarreau - School of Dentistry
    • Erin Kraebber - Athletics
    • Jennifer Lollar - School of Nursing
    • Grant Martin - School of Engineering
    • Chris McCauley - College of Arts & Sciences
    • Chris McDaniel - Finance & Admin
    • Katie McDowell - Advancement
    • Natalie Merrill - Facilities Division
    • Bria Morgan - ODEI
    • Wesley Peterson - Student Affairs
    • Satina Richardson - School of Optometry
    • Julie Senter - Collat School of Business
    • Kevin Storr - School of Health Professions
    • Maria White - School of Public Health

Training Resources

You can watch training videos on the FlowPaper website that range from "how to get started" training to more advanced publishing and customization options.

Best Practices for Using FlowPaper

  • Whether you're using an existing PDF or creating a document from scratch, review our PDF Accessibility page to learn how to confirm your PDF is accessible BEFORE uploading the document to FlowPaper. FlowPaper cannot make an inaccessible document accessible.
  • On the web page where you add a FlowPaper document, we advise that you also include a "download PDF" button before the FlowPaper link that allows the user to download the original PDF document directly to their computer or device. Then, if a user prefers to view the PDF in a tool they are most comfortable using, they can go directly to the PDF download button and open the downloaded document in a tool that is most usable to them.