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  1. Applications should provide a specific utility or function not available on a mobile-optimized website. Converting a mobile website into a mobile application will not qualify as an approved app.
  2. Applications should not duplicate the functionality of existing or planned apps.
  3. Applications must meet all UAB Branding guidelines outlined in the Brand & Communications Toolkit. Special exceptions can be made for research studies that are collaborations with other universities or national centers. Branding will be reviewed before any application is published to the Apple/Google Play Store.
  4. Applications must be published under an official UAB Apple or Google developer account. UAB has an institutional developer account for enterprise apps such as the main UAB mobile application and UABwell. UAB also has a developer account dedicated to applications for research purposes. UAB IT’s mobile application team is responsible for publishing all applications.
  5. Applications must adhere to all guidelines outlined in the in UAB’s Terms of Use & Privacy Policy.
  6. Applications must adhere to all specifications set out in the Apple and/or Google Play terms and conditions.
  7. Applications should pass all ADA accessibility requirements as outlined in the UAB Web Accessibility policy.
  8. Applications should adhering to all information security policies and complying with relevant laws and regulations.
  9. All contracts with third-party vendors and custom developers must be reviewed by IT & Marketing & Communications prior to the finalization of the contract.Important note: Purchasing will flag any app-related requested expenditures and will not authorize payment without contract approval.
  10. Any application that has commercialization or licensing potential will be reviewed by the Bill L. Harbert Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. UAB Patent Policy requires all faculty members, university employees, and students, as a condition of their employment and/or enrollment, to report any invention or discovery which they have conceived or developed, or which has been conceived or developed under their direction, during their employment or enrollment.

Steps to publishing a mobile application

  1. Submit Mobile Application Approval Form. Requests for mobile applications are approved by UAB IT and Marketing & Communications. This includes applications that will be developed by 3-party vendors.
  2. Develop Application
  3. Submit final application for branding review by Marketing & Communications.
  4. UAB IT’s Mobile Application team will work with user to publish app in Apple/Google Play store.

Feedback/Need Help?

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