UAB Web team is updating all Joomla sites to the new Joomla4. Read more about this update and find resources and training videos linked below.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are we updating to Joomla4?

    Since anything older than 4 will no longer be supported by the CMS developers after August 2023, for security reasons, we need to update all of our Joomla sites to Joomla4 by the August deadline.

  • What pieces of my site will change after this update?

    We are using this update as an opportunity to make minor enhancements to the look and feel of our UAB Joomla sites to account for UAB digital branding, accessibility standards and usability best practices. These aesthetic updates will not affect your site content unless we reach out to your school or unit directly to discuss specific changes. Some notable enhancements will be made to the horizontal navigation styling as well as site footers.

  • Will the backend of my site look different?

    The Joomla4 backend layout looks slightly different than what our distributed admins are currently used to, although the core features are all still there. We have new training material for you to view on our YouTube channel that we’ll continue to expand upon.

  • Will I lose any content?

    No, you will not lose any content in the update. We will reach out to a handful of UAB Joomla sites that are slightly more customized to discuss some minor changes to the location of some content, but no content will be pulled from your new site.

    While it’s important for us to update to Joomla4 for security and operational purposes, we are also using this update as an opportunity to start to streamline and simplify our web elements and content preparation for our upcoming migration to a new CMS, currently planned to begin in the next 12-24 months. More communications on that will be released in the coming months. Our goal is to continue to improve the user experience across all sites while ensuring unit-specific content serves key audiences.

  • Will my site ever be down during the update?

    No, your site will not experience any down time during this update.

  • Where can I receive training on the new site?

    We have new training material on our YouTube channel linked in the Training material section below.

  • When will my site be updated?

    We are working to create the site update queue now. If you currently login and manage your Joomla site, we ask you to begin going through the training materials linking in the Training section below so you will be ready to continue maintaining your new site once it goes live.


Explore the Joomla4 Training Series for instructional videos covering a wide range of topics to familiarize yourself with the new Joomla4 updates.

Access Joomla4 Training Series

Before & After

Joomla 3.10 Header

Joomla 3.10 Header

Joomla 4 Header

Joomla 4 Header

Joomla 3.10 Footer

Joomla 3.10 Footer

Joomla 4 Footer

Joomla 4 Footer


For any questions related to the Joomla4 update, please reach out to our support staff by going to