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Cyber Security Analytics Certificate

The graduate-level certificate in Cyber Security Analytics is intended for students who are interested in training in the core areas of cyber security, machine learning, and data analytics.

This certificate program is a 15-credit hour program intended to develop fundamental skills, including familiarity with industry practices, methods, and problem-solving skills critical for success in the joined areas of cyber security, machine learning, and data analytics. This certificate program also seeks to provide current employees in the public and private sectors an opportunity to obtain training in the core areas of cyber security and data analytics and enable students to gain practical work experience.

The Cyber Security Analytics Certificate focuses on:

  • Fundamental knowledge in major computer security topics — including cyber threats, malware, information assurance, authorization, applied cryptography, web security, mobile and wireless security, network security, systems/software security, database and storage security, user-centered security, and best security practices and countermeasures.
  • Fundamental knowledge in machine learning and AI — including supervised and unsupervised learning, problem modeling, data preprocessing, and model evaluation.
  • Skills to apply machine learning and data analytical knowledge to solving practical real-world cyber security problems.

This certificate serves as a badge testifying that students have mastered fundamental knowledge in major cyber security and data analytics topics, as well as essential skills in investigating and remedying cyber security threats and events. This certificate can be taken as a stand-alone certificate (certificate program enrollment is required), or as a stackable certificate alongside a graduate degree program.

Once students complete the certificate, they can continue to complete a MS degree in Computer Science, Data Science, or Cyber Security offered by the Department of Computer Science. Students who are already in one of the three MS programs offered by Department of Computer Science can request to add this certificate to their degree program via submitting a “Change of Graduate Program” form.

Certificate Program Requirements

The graduate certificate requires students complete five courses and earn a 3.0 CGPA or better:

  • CS 623: Network Security
  • CS 636: Computer Security
  • CS 667: Machine Learning
  • CS 663: Data Mining
  • CS 598: Practical Work Experience

Who is Eligible to Enroll?

Applicants will have earned a bachelor's degree from an accredited four-year college or university.

  • A grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale).

The following courses, or their equivalents, are required of all applicants before they can apply to this program:

  • CS 103: Introduction to Computer Science in Python (waived for applicants with two years of working experience in the computing/IT field). Any Introduction to Programming course that uses a 3rd generation programming language such as Java, C/C++, Basic, and Pascal, can be counted as an equivalent of this course.
  • CS 203: Object-Oriented Programming
  • CS 303: Algorithms and Data Structures
  • CS 355/555: Probability and Statistics in Computer Science. CS 555 can be taken after admitted.

A mathematics background equivalent to two terms of calculus (differential and integral calculus) is also required.

Procedure for Dual Enrollment in Master's Degree and Certificate

Eligible applicants, including those who have begun or completed the required courses for the Cyber Security Analytics Certificate, are encouraged to apply simultaneously for their chosen Master's degree and the Graduate Certificate. This ensures that course selections are aligned from the start.

The Cyber Security Analytics Certificate, a Type A certificate requiring formal enrollment, can be added to current Computer Science graduate students' curriculum through the 'Change of Graduate Program' form. Please complete this form to add the certificate before applying for the Application for Degree (ADF) at the latest.

Change of Graduate Program Form


Upon completion of the program requirements, this certificate will be identified on a UAB transcript.


For more information about this Certificate Program, please send your inquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..