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English Major Kaitlin views a 13th century manuscriptThe Bachelor of Arts in English is designed for students with a passion for reading, writing, and thinking about language. The BA is an excellent choice for students interested in fields such as teaching, librarianship, law, creative writing, editing, linguistics, advocacy, non-profits, higher ed, and many others.

All students in this degree program take shared foundational classes, and then they select one of the following four concentrations for more in-depth study.

This BA program is for students who would like a wide exposure to the various aspects of English studies, and it’s particularly good for those with interests in literature and linguistics.

Students pursuing this degree also have the option to enter our departmental Honors track and, in close collaboration with a faculty mentor, to write an honors thesis on a subject of their choosing. This is excellent preparation for those considering future graduate work. See our Honors program page for more information.