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Dr. Bacha's class reviews their print materials in a computer labProfessional writing courses allow students to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to join a community of professionals who are communication experts in a multitude of workplace settings: nonprofit organizations, publishing companies, manufacturing plants, medical institutions, and legal offices, to name just a few. Professional Writing courses emphasize drafting, revising, and designing documents in both print and digital formats. Many of the courses provide students opportunities to engage the community and gain hands-on experience writing for real audiences and purposes.

BA in Writing and Media

If you are interested in completing a BA in Writing and Media, you will take 15 credit hours of writing electives which may include Professional Writing courses. By choosing a mix of writing electives, you’ll increase your creative and expressive capacities while also learning how to persuade different kinds of readers, how to work within different professional contexts, and how to compose compelling digital documents.

A complete list of major requirements, courses, and a proposed four-year program of study for the BA in Writing and Media are available in the UAB Undergraduate Catalog.

BA in English: Concentration in Professional Writing

English majors who concentrate in Professional Writing will learn how to write and design the kinds of documents that are most common outside of university classrooms, such as memos, brochures, newsletters, reports, instructions, manuals, multimedia presentations, and resumes.

A complete list of major requirements, courses, and a proposed four-year program of study for the Professional Writing concentration are available in the UAB Undergraduate Catalog.

Minor in Professional Writing

The Minor in Professional Writing prepares students in any major for the writing required in their chosen careers. Students who Minor in Professional Writing will learn how to compose both academic and professional documents, emphasizing the requirements of writing in their own disciplines.

A complete list of minor requirements and courses is available in the UAB Undergraduate Catalog.

Featured Alumni

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    Marie Sutton

    By day, Marie Sutton is the Director of Marketing and Communication for the Division of Student Affairs at UAB. By night, she is a writer whose passion is telling stories about the African-American experience. Read more about Marie.

  • Shelby Morris

    Shelby Morris earned her B.A. in Professional Writing with a minor in Spanish in 2016 followed by an M.A. in Rhetoric and Composition in 2018. She is currently attending law school at Samford University, Cumberland School of Law. Read more about Shelby.

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    Luke Richey

    Luke Richey is a Copywriter and Content Strategist at McNutt & Partners, LLC, a local ad agency, where he drafts copy for multiple clients on a myriad of social media platforms. Read more about Luke.


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