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Two graduate students pose as another student records them with a smartphoneWe live in a media-rich world, and our society needs people who can quickly and effectively create engaging digital content for all kinds of media platforms: websites, streaming video, print, social media, podcasts, and others. The BA in Writing and Media is designed to develop the skills you need to produce written media content, and market studies predict strong growth in this jobs sector.

Students in this bachelor’s program will develop the ability to:

  • Write effectively in a variety of contexts: creative, professional, technical, and others
  • Compose multimodal texts that combine different elements of communication: verbal text, graphics, audio, video, etc.
  • Use creativity to edit, produce, and promote digital and non-digital content
  • Develop proficiency with industry-standard technologies

In the BA in Writing and Media, you will take courses in both Professional Writing and Creative Writing to improve your ability to write precisely and imaginatively and to learn how to speak to different audiences. You will combine these writing courses with electives—such as graphic design or screenwriting or documentary filmmaking—so you can tailor your degree around your own interests.

For more information on the BA in Writing and Media, see the UAB Undergraduate Catalog.

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