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gears verticalThe CCTS looks for innovative ways to maximize the impact of translational research and workforce development opportunities. Our most recent novel endeavors include:

  • the I-Corps@NCATS curriculum, a national project based on the National Science Foundation’s I-Corps™ program that prepares biomedical scientists and engineers to think “translationally” about their science
  • the Kaizen gamification platform, which makes learning competencies, such as NIH’s rigor and reproducibility requirements, fun for researchers at any career level
  • the Innovation Panel (iPanel), which introduces researchers with potentially marketable discoveries to the commercialization pathway
  • the SHARe research consortium, which streamlines the process of launching multisite studies and clinical trials to help spur trans-network discoveries
  • the Alabama Drug Discovery and Device Development Program (AD4), which connects CCTS investigators with the leading-edge, high through-put screening and drug development capacity at Southern Research (SR) to assay new molecular targets, develop effective screens for novel targets, accelerate potential therapies through the development pipeline, and find new applications for existing clinically tested drugs (“re-purposing”)
  • the Informatics Gateway, a novel approach to adding an informatics component to research projects

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