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Catalyzing Collaboration

The CCTS reaches across institutional boundaries to work synergistically with those who share the mission to improve the significant health disparities that disproportionately affect our region, including cardiovascular disease, obesity, metabolic disorders, and cancer. We are committed to collaborative innovation, to leveraging the unparalleled opportunities that exist to accelerate the pace and impact of biomedical discovery and its translation into improvements for human health and health care.

The CCTS Partner Network, which spans 11 academic research institutions in three Deep South states (AL, MS, LA), is the foundation of our collaborative efforts. We invite you to learn more about the unique strengths of each of our partners. Collectively, the Network represents a scale and synergy unique to our region; by working together, we increase our effectiveness at developing new knowledge, moving discoveries across the translational spectrum, training the scientific workforce, and improving the health of our communities. 

An example of the power of partnership is found in the newly launched Southeast Health Alliance for Research (SHARe), a platform for catalyzing and supporting multisite studies and clinical trials across the Deep South region. SHARe aims to reduce the administrative burdens that slow time-to-activation and recruitment for projects that would benefit from the broader, more diverse pool of potential participants available across the CCTS Partner Network. 

In our commitment to innovation, the CCTS engages additional partnerships as well, extending across the Hub to community organizations throughout the region, and beyond, and to other CTSA Hubs across the country. We invite you to learn more about our growing list of Collaborations.

Some of our collaborations are nascent. Nevertheless, we are confident the discoveries enabled by such teamwork will lead to health improvements benefitting our shared communities. Keep an eye on our new Activities page, which will highlight these activities.