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How does it work?

TIES GOAL: To explore interdisciplinary scientific connections related to a clinical or experimental observation.

TIES APPROACH: This 1-hour venue invites a tailored group of investigators with complementary “disciplinary” expertise, often bridging the translational spectrum, to explore a clinical phenomenon in a more tractable system (bedside to bench) or an experimental insight in an advanced model (bench to bedside).  TIES is also amenable for considering how to leverage scientific strategies in one discipline and applying them in another.

TIES FORMAT: the panel is tailored to the request in both time & expertise and aims to foster “productive collisions” that may lead to collaboration.  The open conversation would ideally, though not necessarily, point to products (manuscripts, extramural applications, etc.) as an incentive.

What to prepare:

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  • Provide a succinct overview that describes (1) the scientific observation (a few sentences), (2) what expertise is sought
  • Provide availability (days/times for conversation in the proximate 2 weeks)
  • Indicate individuals you wish to attend (or not)

Optimal Timeline:

TIES panels lend to nascent ideas discussed in a setting that nurtures curiosity in the absence of constraint (grant deadline or demand of some product).

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