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(205) 934-2487

Contact EH&S

(205) 934-2487


Ventilation Supervisor - Brian Campbell, becamp@uab.edu

Ventilation Specialist - Stuart Crossfield, stuartc@uab.edu

Ventilation Specialist - Patrick Shelton, sheltonp@uab.edu

Ventilation Specialist - Christopher Steele, crsteele@uab.edu

Services: Ventilation safety provides inspection services for both Fume Hoods and Biosafety Cabinets. Our program ensures hoods function properly and to expected performance levels. We conduct this through periodic testing and addressing needs as they arise. We also repair Biosafety Cabinets, Double sided Cage Changers, and Clean Benches. Laboratories are responsible for the ordering of new parts.

Additional services include:

  • Decontamination of Biosafety Cabinets (requires consult/approval from Biosafety first, please contact biosafety@uab.edu with request)
  • Testing of in room filters
  • Testing of a Laboratory for rooms being negative or positive
  • Calculations of air exchange rates

For tag out process please refer here:

  • If a Chemical Fume Hood is tagged out by EHS; This means that there is not sufficient air being pulled and the hood is unsafe. A work order will be turned in to Maintenance. When corrective measures have been performed EHS will return to verify and remove the tag.
  • If a Biosafety Cabinet is tagged out, it is not operational until filters are changed, or repairs are made, and it has been recertified.

Additional issues:

  • EHS Ventilation can also check your equipment if you have unusual noises, vibration, or smells.
  • Maintenance request should be submitted for the following examples (fume hood not working, changing lights outside the hood, controls not working, etc.)