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All UAB employee training is now accessible through a UAB-wide web portal: 

UAB Campus Learning System

Employees will be able to visit this central website to browse training opportunities, register for classes, track their training histories, and more.

The UAB Campus Learning System is a learning management system that provides faculty and staff with online training tools and resources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. UAB students are limited to research courses only (EH&S, IACUC, IRB, HIPAA, etc.). 

Lab personnel, please see the EH&S Training Chart for help on which training to take.

To register for a class:
  1. Go to the Campus Learning System.
  2. Login with your BlazerID or XIAS account.
  3. Note: If you need a XIAS or Sponsored Access Account to complete any required training, please contact campuslearning@uab.edu.
    UAB Employees should use the Campus Learning System. The XIAS/Sponsored Access Account is only for non-UAB employees.
  4. Search for EH&S or the course name (e.g., Shipping with Dry Ice) at the top of the page.
  5. Click on the course title you want and then click on "Enroll".

Once you are registered for a class, it will be available from the Home/Welcome page.