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Environmental Health and Safety has developed Safety Shorts specifically to notify the UAB research community of updates to Research Safety programs and changes in State and U.S. government regulations that effect UAB labs. Safety Shorts also address compliance issues, send reminders about lab safety during specific times of the year (such as summer and PPE), and announce Lab Safety Workshops and other relevant information that may affect lab research personnel at UAB.

Safety Shorts are sent directly to your e-mail account and are published in PDF format. Safety Shorts are archived below for reference.

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Date Title Category
Date Title Category
11/15/2023  Preventing Mold Growth in Cold Rooms General Lab Safety
09/08/2023  Lab Attire and Best Practices General Lab Safety
09/08/2023  Ethidium Bromide Waste Disposal Chemical Safety
03/28/2023 Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety General Lab Safety
03/28/2023 Space Heater Safety Pamplet General Lab Safety
03/28/2023 Cryovial Safety General Lab Safety
03/28/2023 Autoclaving Biohazardous Waste at UAB General Lab Safety
03/28/2023 Lab Relocation and Abandoned Lab Items General Lab Safety
03/28/2023 Safety Short Guidance on Lab Coat Use General Lab Safety
06/06/2023 No Food or Drinks in the Lab General Lab Safety
09/17/2020  Lab Drain Disposal Guidance General Lab Safety
04/12/2019  Declutter Your Corridors General Lab Safety
03/18/2019 Biohazard Transport Bags Bio Safety
03/04/2019 Housekeeping and Door Propping General Lab Safety
01/23/2019 Chemical Security at UAB Chemical Safety
01/23/2019 Safety Data Sheets General Lab Safety
10/08/2018 Fire Safety and Prevention General Lab Safety
05/04/2018 2018 Lab Safety Workshop General Lab Safety
03/16/2018 Spring Weather Safety General Lab Safety
01/19/2018 Update to Improve Biohazardous Waste Removal Announcements