Efforts to promote a Culture of Safety require persistence and involvement from all areas. No one person or hospital department is exempt due to the complexity of processes and the ever-present interdependencies in the Provisions of Care and the Environment of Care. Hospital Safety champions continuous quality improvements in safety via reliable multidisciplinary team interaction benefitting patients, visitors and staff.

Top frequently asked questions:
  1. Is there a process through which Environment of Care (EOC) issues are reported or investigated?
    A: Yes. The Hospital Safety Committee operates as a multidisciplinary performance improving team whereby EOC issues are reported, investigated and recommendations and/or action plans are submitted to Hospital Leadership.

  2. Are there focus areas for Hospital Safety and/or the Hospital Safety Committee?
    A: While both routinely address Environment of Care disciplines, they also may address:
    • Injuries to patients or others coming to the hospital's facilities as well as incidents of property damage
    • Fire-safety management problems, deficiencies and failures
    • Environmental illnesses and injuries to staff
    • Security incidents involving patients, staff or others coming to the hospital's facilities or property

  3. What is an Environmental Tour?
    A: Environmental Tours, conducted by Safety Officers, identify safety risks. Also, they help reveal:
    • Environmental deficiencies and/or potential hazards warranting risk assessments
    • Staff behaviors and attitudes relative to maintaining a safe environment
    • Whether safety policies and procedures are being practiced and enforced