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The Hazardous Materials Department (EHS Support Facility) is responsible for the safe management of hazardous materials, universal waste, and radiological waste on campus and in certain parts of the hospital. Our primary goal is to ensure the safe collection, segregation, and transportation of regulated, hazardous, universal, and radiological, and other waste generated through facility operations. Waste examples can include spent light bulbs, used oil, and unused paint. We are responsible for responding to different levels of chemical spills, including small, medium and large type spills. We adhere to rigorous safety protocols to mitigate risks, maintain compliance, and provide a safe environment for all stakeholders.

Note: Do Not submit any manifest(s) to the department if the material (Boxes, Carboys, etc.) are not ready to be picked up.


Proper disposal of hazardous, regulated, radiological, and universal waste is essential due to federal, state, and local regulations. Refrain from disposing of such waste in regular trash cans, sinks, or the sewer system. Incorrect disposal methods can harm the environment and result in unnecessary financial burdens for our institution. Exercise extreme caution to ensure compliance with regulations when handling and disposing of hazardous, regulated, radiological and universal waste.