Robert Heath, Jr. - Director of Radiation Safety

In a comparatively short period of time, UAB has gained recognition as a center of excellence for teaching, medical services, and research programs. This is a highly commendable achievement and one that could not have been realized without the continued support and dedication of faculty, staff members, and employees. Similar unfailing cooperation and support is necessary for the institution to be equally successful in its development of Radiation Safety Program. A very important part of this program is concerned with safety in research studies and safe disposal of laboratory wastes, including radioisotopes and radiotoxic chemicals.

Many of our research and educational activities utilize ionizing radiation. Their success very much depends on the thoughtfulness and care exercised by every individual involved with the program. The UAB Department of Radiation Safety Program is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the University of Alabama at Birmingham is in compliance with the provisions of governing bodies.

To these ends, the Radiation Safety Program (RSP) manages the use of radioactive isotopes and radiation producing machine on UAB campus. RSP performs a licensing review of all applications for the use of radioactive materials and ascertains whether or not applicants have adequate facilities and equipment for storing and using radioactive materials and adequate training and experience for themselves and for personnel using radioactive materials under their supervision.

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Shipping radioactive waste

The Chapter 420-3-26 rules, for the use of radioactive materials and radiation-producing machines, of the Alabama Department of Public Health, Office of Radiation Control, can be accessed here.

ALARA is an acronym for As Low As Reasonably Achievable. ALARA is a radiation safety principle for reducing radiation doses and releases of radioactive materials by using all reasonable methods. ALARA is a regulatory obligation for all radiation safety programs.

The three main principles of ALARA are time, distance, and shielding.