Dr. Timothy Key - Executive Director of Research Safety

Research Safety provides integrated review services to the campus, hospital clinical labs and university clinical labs in order to be in compliance with federal, state, local guidelines and regulations as well as UAB guidelines and regulations. Provides consultation with respect to research health and safety issues, to existing and new P.I.s, lab administrators, lab employees, post-doctoral students, graduate students, and undergraduate students. Provides health and safety assistance/consultation to labs that are new to UAB with lab start-up practices/procedures and training requirements. Provides existing labs that are relocating within UAB with information on lab close-out procedures and assistance in setting up with their new lab location.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the following individuals:

Judith McBride
Directory of Laboratory Health & Safety

Dr. Justin Roth
Associate Director of High Containment Labs and RO

Dr. Kochurani Jacob
Assistant Director of Research Safety Chemical Safety

Top frequently asked questions:
  1. How do I prepare for an review?
    Use this checklist to prepare for the review.
  2. Who needs to be present during an review?
    An individual who understands the labs operations must be present for the review. The individual must be able to provide access to other staff members to answer questions, if needed.
  3. How much time will the review take?
    It depends on a number of factors.
    Fill out the lab demographic form completely.
    • Review and/or complete, date and sign the lab safety plan, chemical hygiene plan, and blood borne pathogen exposure control plan (if required)
    • Determine what training is required and have training completed and documented prior to the review
    • o Have all training documentation ready for review (i.e. have printed certifications or printout summary from the learning system)
    • Enroll and/or decline in the Occupational Medicine program
    • Update or complete a chemical inventory