In an emergency, contact the UAB Police by dialing 911 from a UAB phone or the nearest help phone.
If you're calling from a non-UAB phone, call Campus Police at 205-934-3535.

  • State your name, location, and the nature of the emergency.

During office hours: contact EHS at 934-2487
After hours & holidays: contact the EHS Director on Call through University Police, 934-3535, or by paging 8744

In the event of an emergency involving a radiation source:

  • During office hours: contact the Radiation Safety Program at 934-4751
  • After hours & holidays: call UAB Paging (934-3411) & ask for either the Health Physicist On-Call, the Radiation Safety Officer (Robert Heath, Jr.), or the Assistant Radiation Safety Officer (Domenica Pringle)