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Hazardous Material Management Training

  • CS055: Hazardous Waste Handling & Packing

    Who should complete this course?

    Are you responsible for generating, handling, packing, or electronically signing a manifest requesting hazardous waste for pickup and disposal? If so, it is required to complete this training course annually. This training only covers hazardous waste policies and procedures. If you handle any other types of waste, it may require other training. A copy of the completed training certificate must be maintained in the laboratory files and presented to the proper authorities upon request.
  • CS056: Handling, Storing, Packing, and Manifesting Universal Waste

    This course is required for those who must handle, store, pack and/or manifest universal waste. Universal waste includes materials such as some types of batteries, fluorescent lights, and light bulbs.

  • RS105: Radiation Safety Waste Handling and Packing

    The RS105 Radiation Safety Waste Handling and Packing course is for those who handle, pack, and manifest radioactive waste materials.

    flag redEH&S Support Facility Staff will no longer pick up radioactive waste unless the person manifesting the waste:
    1. Has successfully completed the Radiation Safety Initial Training Sessions course or the Radiation Refresher course within the last 5 years.
    2. Has a baseline bioassay on file.
    3. Participated in the hands-on Radiation Safety Practicum.
    4. Is listed on the approved Radiation Safety License.
    5. Has successfully completed this course every 365 days so that the EH&S Support Facility will pick up the waste.