Rapid Freeze Patch

The Cryo Chiller is a Single Middeck Locker sized payload facility designed for use aboard the ISS for rapid freezing of biological samples in the EXPRESS Rack. The Cryo Chiller is also capable of powered transport to and from ISS.  The Cryo Chiller will provide rapid-freeze capability by taking advantage of the designs and lessons learned from current ISS cold stowage assets, including Glacier, MERLIN, and Polar. 


The Rapid Freeze units excel in cooling a 25ml sample to -95 C in less than 60 seconds. There are several sample options offered from 10ml vials to tissue slides. The Cryochiller is the largest of the rapid freeze units and has the biggest sample volume and instert options.


The custom made pure copper insert is a key component for rapidly cooling the samples. The copper may weigh over 50 lbs on Earth, but on the International Space Station weigh less than a feather. The inserts are interchangeable based on the experiment, and the Cryochiller training unit will let the PI experience the cooling technology before the science goes to space.


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