qepThe Center for Teaching and Learning is committed to support the university’s quality enhancement plan (QEP) by providing faculty and staff with high-quality training focused on various pedagogies related to how students learn in a team environment. These workshops are taught by QEP Fellows and CTL staff and focus on topics such as team-based learning, case-based learning, how groups compare with teams, dealing with difficult situations in the classroom, and various workshops that include team-based components specific to our international students. These workshops, along with provided online materials, serve as a foundational resource for faculty to become familiar with and incorporate various teaching methods to help fulfill the QEP, learning in a team environment.

For more information about this workshop series, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., QEP Director. 

  • August

"Groups vs. Teams" by Jenelle Hodges

"Team-Based Learning Certification" by Annetta Dolowitz and Chris Eidson

  • Attendance on all days is required for TBL certification
    • Monday, August 13, 2018; 8-4 PM
    • Tuesday, August 14, 2018; 8-4 PM
    • Wednesday, August 15, 2018; 8-4 PM
    • Tuesday, August 21, 2018; 8-4 PM
  • Location: Center for Teaching and Learning Classroom, EB 243
  • Meal provided for pre-registered attendees



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