Dr. Jeffrey Engler

UAB Graduate School Associate Dean Jeffrey A. Engler, Ph.D., will be spending the 2016-2017 academic year off campus – way off campus.

PhD comic conference presentation

UAB's Office of Postdoctoral Education (OPE) has several exciting events planned for the spring 2016 semester. Check out the details below, and consider making room for these events in your calendar.


At a research-intensive university, few skills are more strategic – and sought-after – than mentoring and leadership, which affect productivity, diversity, and the effectiveness of instruction from the undergraduate to the post-doctoral level and beyond (see articles "Reaching Gender Equity in Science: The Importance of Role Models And Mentors" or "The Merits of Training Mentors").


The "Graduate Spotlight" series provides graduate students and postdoctoral fellows an opportunity to get to know students within the UAB Graduate School.