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While programs may have specific deadlines or timelines they adhere to, the typical lifecycle for a Plan I student — i.e. a student completing a thesis or dissertation as part of their program — is as follows:

  1. At the start of their academic career, students take core coursework and work with their faculty to determine a relevant research topic. Once a research focus has been identified, the student will establish their Graduate Study Committee. Be sure to confirm all members of your committee have graduate faculty status so there are no delays in setting up your committee.
  2. Plan I students need to complete RCR training and/or GRD 717, or an approved substitute if applicable for their program.
  3. Before progressing to candidacy, Plan I students must apply for and receive IRB or IACUC approval if their research includes human or animal subjects.
  4. Once a student completes RCR training and secures IRB or IACUC approval, the student will apply for admission to candidacy. This allows students to enroll in 699/799, Thesis/Dissertation hours.
  5. Prior to defending their thesis or dissertation, the student can request their Approval Form from the Graduate School, which will be generated on the day of the student’s defense and sent to their committee for approval.
  6. Upon completing their public defense, the student will then submit their thesis or dissertation to ProQuest for review and make any necessary edits.
  7. Finally, doctoral students must complete the Graduate Exit Survey and the Survey of Earned Doctorates. Upon completion, the student graduates.

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