Templates are designed to save you time in formatting your document, but they do not work exactly the same on all computers. Adjustments may be necessary. You are not required to use the templates, but the documents you submit must follow the same formatting. Using a UAB template does not guarantee compliance with Graduate School format requirements or with the requirements of your graduate program or committee. Templates require the accurate addition of your own information and may require the deletion of information that does not apply to your document (e.g., the List of Abbreviations line in the Table of Contents will have to the deleted if your document does not, in fact, have a List of Abbreviations).

Student using laptop.

Look at each template carefully before you use it to be sure your computer is displaying it correctly. (Compare to sample pages in the UAB Format Manual.) Print the page to be sure it also prints correctly. If it does not, you will need to either make adjustments to the template or create your own page.

Page Numbers

Notice that the templates do not have page numbers. Page numbers must be inserted into your own document when all pages are in the correct order.

Insert page numbers by going to Insert in the menu and choosing Page numbers. Preliminary pages have small roman numerals, bottom center. The title page and the copyright page (if present) are counted but do not have visible numbers. The first page of the text (i.e., the first chapter or section) is arabic number 1. The number may be at the bottom center or top right, but no less than ½ inch from the edge of the page. Every page thereafter is numbered consecutively through the end of the document, including internal title pages (if any) and pages of the appendices (if any).