If you would like to have bound copies of your thesis or dissertation, you may order copies of your document through ProQuest when you submit your pdf.


Please contact Banner Digital Printing and Publishing, Inc at 205-942-2017 or visit their website.

These pages will not be checked for accuracy before they are bound, so check your own copies carefully to be sure they have printed and copied correctly throughout. If you want a copy of your signed approval form to be included in your personal copies, you must make copies and place them there.


Because these copies will not be placed on the shelf in the library, there is no special paper requirement; however, your bound copies will have a more professional appearance and have a longer shelf life if you use high quality paper. White 20-24 lb., acid-free, 8 ½ x 11, watermarked paper (available in most office supply stores and professional copy centers) is the usual choice for bound dissertations.