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Compensation Philosophy

Our goal is to attract the best faculty in the world and to provide them the resources to advance our mission to the best of their ability, and to feel valued and secure. We aim to pay each faculty member a fair and competitive salary and to provide outstanding benefits. While individual salaries are private, the Department builds trust and engagement by being transparent about the sources and allocation of funds.

We use the AAMC salary distribution data as a base case to inform judgements about being fair and competitive. We use these data for both MD and PhD faculty. We also aim for equal pay for equal work for every faculty member. Across the Department, approximately 60% of faculty are paid more than the AAMC median for their rank and subspecialty, approximately 15% of faculty are paid less that the AAMC 25th percentile, 55% are paid from the 25th to the 75th percentile, and 30% are paid more than the 75th percentile.

How It Works

Faculty may receive compensation from UAB, from HSF (the Health Services Foundation, a 501c(3) non-profit that is our practice plan), and from Birmingham VAMC. For research-intensive faculty, compensation is most often predominantly paid by UAB and/or BVAMC. UAB compensation may include funds from extramural grants, from gifts and endowments, and from state funds allocated to the Department. For clinically-intensive faculty, compensation is most often paid by HSF and/or BVAMC. Clinically-intensive faculty may also receive compensation from UAB, which is most often supported by transfer of funds from HSF, generated by clinical work, to UAB.

AAMC Salary Tables for MD and PhD covering all schools and also available for Southern schools can be accessed with your Blazer ID and password.

AAMC Salary Tables