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The Department of Medicine Facilities team supports and maintains research, learning, and work environments, offering services such as routine maintenance, project management, lab and office relocations, space planning, surplus equipment disposal, data port installations, key and card access requests, and guidance for emergency issues.

Meet Our Facilities Team

Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges

Facilities Manager
Office: 205.934.7700
Mobile: 205.532.6937
Email: jbridges@uabmc.edu

Corey Cates

Corey Cates

Facilities Coordinator II
Office: 205.934.7700
Mobile: 205.600.2213
Email: coreycates@uabmc.edu

Adrena Christolear

Adrena Christolear

Facilities Project Coordinator
Office: 205.934.7700
Mobile: 205.895.2626
Email: achristolear@uabmc.edu

What can we help you with?

Routine Maintenance

Data Port (Add New, Activate or Deactivate Existing). To request the addition of a new data port, activation, or deactivation of an existing port, or a VLAN change. Please provide a description of your request, including the account string number for charges and, if available, the data jack numbers.

Lab Relocation. Prepare for moving or closing a lab by managing chemical, biological, and radiation hazards. Follow the Department of Environmental Health & Safety Policy for Termination of Laboratory Use of Hazardous Materials.

Office Relocation. The DOM offers guidelines and resources for a safe, efficient, and stress-free transition to new spaces. Initial planning is key. Please download and review the moving checklist and complete all relevant steps. While each move is unique, we aim to ensure a smooth transition for all. 

Keys and Building Access. If you need to request a key or card access for any DOM buildings, please provide the following information: full name and BlazerID of the key/cardholder, the building and room numbers for which the key is needed, and the building and room numbers requiring card access.

Surplus Property. For surplus items to be picked up, you must include a description of the item, where you want the item to go (please include the building and room numbers), any UAB asset or serial numbers listed on the item, and the condition of the item (excellent, good, fair, salvage).

Submit Request for Routine Maintenance 

Renovation and Construction Projects

If you would like to request an estimate for a future project or renovations, please email domfacilities@uabmc.edu with the following information: Building name and room numbers involved, detailed description of requested work, requested start/completion dates, and contact person's name and phone number.

Someone from our team will submit the project request for you, and contact you once a written estimate has been received. You can find types of projects here: https://www.uab.edu/facilities/pdc#project-types.

Helpful Resources and Links

If you have an emergency maintenance request, such as gas leaks, roof leaks, water leaks, alarms, or security issues, please call either the Campus Dispatch Center at 205.934.9675 or the Hospital Dispatch Center at 205.934.6181 immediately. Once you have contacted the appropriate dispatch center, please notify the DOM Facilities team at domfacilities@uabmc.edu.