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To make a change to your current schedule, use the following link: Online Schedule Change Request (OSCR).  

This process does not apply to lotteries.  If you are trying to enter your picks during a course lottery, use the Scheduling lottery link.

Drop/Add Coursework Instructions

  • When you log in, you will see your current schedule and any available actions.

  • For most electives, acting internships, special topics, and co-enrolled courses, you can drop and/or add available courses by using the “add course to schedule” or “drop” functions. The changes should immediately appear on your schedule. You cannot have two courses scheduled for the same block (except co-enrolled and teaching assistant courses). You will need to drop before adding a course in the same block.

  • For clerkships and courses requiring permission, the system will open an “online schedule change request” form to complete for review/approval. 

    • For courses requiring permission, you will need to upload a copy of your written permission (typically an email from the course coordinator or director) after submitting the request.

    • You will need to open your request after submission to add the document. You can check the home screen in OSCR to check on the status of your request(s).

Deadlines and Late Drop Fee

  • Elective, acting internships, special topics, and co-enrolled courses dropped within 14 days of the beginning of the block/sub-block will incur a late drop fee of $45. The fee must be paid at the time of the drop via the online link provided. There is no fee to add a course. 

  • The deadline to drop or add a course is 4 p.m. on the Wednesday before a Monday block start date. Students wishing to withdraw from a course after the 4 p.m. deadline on Wednesday prior to the start of the course will receive a withdrawal grade on their transcript.

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