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We support opportunities for students to pursue more than one advanced degree, both within the UAB Heersink School of Medicine and throughout other schools across the university.


Our NIH-funded Medical Scientist Training Program prepares students for careers that combine laboratory investigation of disease mechanisms with the practice and teaching of clinical medicine in academic settings.

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With a partnership with the UAB School of Public Health, the MD/Master of Public Health Program provides students with a fuller and richer perspective of community and global health issues including the epidemiology of disease, health behavior, the impact of environmental and occupational factors on patient health, disease progression, access to care, health policy, and more.

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The MD/Master of Science in Public Health Program prepares students for research-oriented careers with a degree designed for specializing in one area of public health. With a partnership with the UAB School of Public Health, the curriculum includes rigorous training in biostatistics and epidemiology and focused coursework in topics like health economics and cost effectiveness.

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The MD/Master of Business Administration Program prepares students to use innovation and design thinking to solve healthcare problems and become fluent in the language of medicine and business. This partnership with the UAB Collat School of Business prepares students for physician leadership responsibilities within their organizations, and ability to manage today's increasingly complex healthcare challenges.

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The coordinated MD/MSHA program results in two advanced degrees providing physicians with management and leadership skills necessary for a broad range of administrative positions in health services organizations. The combined MD/MSHA will provide physicians with competency in the areas of communication and relationship management, leadership skills, professionalism, knowledge of the healthcare environment, and business/analytical skills.

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