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The program is an integrative, four-year degree which combines 10 business courses (30 semester hours) with the MD curricula. Students start their business classes the summer before medical school. The remaining courses are offered at key times after the second year of classes and after finishing the USMLE Step 1 exam.

Degree plans are also available for students who decide to pursue the MBA after beginning their MD courses.

The UAB Heersink School of Medicine opens a new website and Collat School of Business offer a dual MD/MBA degree in medicine and management to high-achieving healthcare leaders. A dual MD/MBA degree can open opportunities for physicians and lead to greater management responsibilities within their organizations.

Why an MBA?

The industry is increasingly characterized by uncertainty and ambiguity. Combining a business degree with a medical degree can help future healthcare leaders learn to manage through rapid change and traverse the uncertainties of management with flexibility.

Students who choose the MD/MBA option often plan careers with both clinical and administrative responsibilities. MD/MBA holders can operate their clinics more efficiently, manage a healthcare organization, head a research project, or advocate for their patients and work to improve the healthcare system. Successful students should understand how to use innovation and strategic thinking to solve healthcare problems and become fluent in the languages of science and business — putting them on the fast track to career advancement.

Program Specifics

The dual degree is a unique offering designed specifically for busy medical professionals. Structured around the MD curricula, the dual program includes a concierge approach by sequencing and integrating the MBA requirements to fit within the medical program. As a UAB School of Medicine student, all dual degree participants will receive a wide array of added benefits, including:

  • Automatic MBA course registration
  • Professional development seminars
  • Access to faculty mentors
  • On-site tutoring
  • Opportunities for hands-on learning

Class Schedule

  • Summer (before medical school entry)
    • MBA 601: Accounting and Finance for Managers
    • MBA 619: IT and Business Strategy
    • MBA 631: Management and Organization
    • MBA 642: Economics for Managers
  • Year Two


    • Co-enrolled elective: Business-focused elective approved by program. NOTE: This is not an MBA class. You will take this as part of your med school curriculum.
  • Year Three


    • MBA 608: Cost Analysis and Decision Making
    • MBA 637: Operations and Supply Chain Management


    • MBA 651: Marketing Strategy
    • MBA 690: Healthcare Innovation

    See ADDITIONAL OPTION section below for alternative schedule.

  • Year Four


    • MBA 621: Topics in Corporate Finance


    • MBA 634: Strategic Management
  • Additional Option

    For MS1 students in good standing who receive approval from Heedrsink School of Medicine MD/MBA no later than March 15, we offer an opportunity to take two classes — MBA 608 and MBA 637 — in the summer between the first and second year. Then, in the third year, students will only take MBA 651: Marketing Strategy in the fall and MBA 690: Healthcare Innovation in the spring.

How to Apply

Students interested in pursuing the dual MD/MBA degree must complete an application through the UAB Graduate School.

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