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What does a typical day look like?

Activities generally run 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday – Friday. Some days start earlier, such as when doing hospital rounds, or if your preceptor is rather far from campus; some days end earlier, such as if your assigned physician is only working a half day. Weekends are not scheduled although there may be optional weekend field trips.

Is there a stipend for the internship?

Yes, participants receive a $2,000 stipend upon completion of the internship. (Huntsville students will receive an additional $900 to pay for UAH dormitory housing.)

What are my financial responsibilities?

Meals, travel and personal spending. Lunch is provided during daily Lunch and Learn sessions and on field trips.

What about housing?

Huntsville interns stay in a University of Alabama at Huntsville (UAH) dorm, about 5 miles from the UAB Heersink campus. Tuscaloosa interns stay in a University of Alabama dorm. The Rural Shadowing 2-weeks is done in the participant’s hometown.

Can I take summer classes during the internship?

It is not recommended; but if a class is online, self-paced and does not interfere with your weekday internship activities, you could make it work.

Can I take my MCAT during the internship?

You may not have the time necessary to study for your MCAT during the internship, but if you need one day off to take the exam, that can be arranged.

What is the attire during the internship?

All shadowing days and the first day of orientation should be “business casual” – no shorts, no jeans, no sleeveless or lowcut shirts, only close-toed shoes. On field trips and simulation training, shorts and T-shirts (including the program t-shirt) are appropriate but please dress modestly.

Do I need a car?

It will be easier for you to get to assignments with a car, but it is not necessary. Let the program directors know you don’t have transportation and your schedule will be arranged so you can ride with other interns.

Is the COVID-19 vaccine required?

UAB Heersink does not require the vaccine, but other facilities such as Huntsville Hospital, might.  If you do not have the vaccine, please let the program directors know so we can arrange your schedule appropriately; you may miss a few opportunities without the vaccine.

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