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The continued growth of research, patient care, and education at the Heersink School of Medicine is dependent on robust and dedicated facilities tailored to the needs of educators, students, trainees, researchers, and physicians. Facilities are managed by our Office of Research.

Our school currently hosts 42 facilities on campus, and employs a dedicated facilities team who manages all aspects of owned and leased properties and buildings.

To support the advancement of our school as a national leader of excellent education, research, and patient care, several facilities on campus are undergoing renovation or remodeling. These projects will provide opportunities for growth in each mission area.

Facilities Announcements

Kracke and Pittman buildings

Contractors will remove the heavy equipment used to demolish the Kracke building beginning 6:30 a.m. Oct. 23. During the approximately four-hour loading process 7th Avenue South between 19th and 20th streets south will be closed to traffic. Kracke was razed to make way for the new Altec Styslinger Genomic Medicine and Data Sciences Building. 

Construction fencing was placed around the demolition area in July, blocking pedestrian access on the north side of 7th Avenue South. That fencing will be in place for the entirety of the project, which is expected to be completed in June 2024.

Current Projects

Lyons-Harrison Research Building

Advancements in genomics and precision medicine will revolutionize diagnosis, treatment, and patient outcomes for a broad range of diseases which afflict patients in the southeast and nationally. Cutting-edge biomedical research is dependent on state-of-the-art facilities.

The Lyons-Harrison Research Building will become the Altec Styslinger Genomic Medicine and Data Sciences Building, providing modernized space for enhanced collaboration. Located at 701 19th St S on UAB’s campus, contemporary energy curtain walls will line this state-of-the-art facility, accompanied by a new green space for employees to enjoy. The new facility will host meeting space for enhanced collaboration, focused on genomics and data science, plus accommodation for research staff, faculty, and supporting office and administrative staff.  

The completion of the Altec Styslinger Genomic Medicine and Data Sciences Building will allow for the recruitment of approximately 50 new principal investigators specializing in genomics and precision medicine, as well as approximately 350 new research and health care jobs. Additionally, the new space will generate more funding from the National Institutes of Health and other private and public partners.

Projected timeline

  • Spring-Winter 2021: Relocate occupants
  • Spring 2022-Summer 2023: Construction and renovations
  • Fall 2023: Furnishing and finishing touches
  • January 2024: Move-in to new space


To accommodate additional square footage in the new Altec Styslinger Genomic Medicine and Data Sciences Building, the existing Pittman Center for Advanced Medical Studies Building (Pittman) will undergo demolition. Pittman has served the UAB community since 1980.

Projected timeline

  • Spring 2021: Relocate occupants
  • Summer-Winter 2021: Demolition of building


To make room for the additional square footage in the new Altec Styslinger Genomic Medicine and Data Sciences Building, Kracke will undergo demolition in 2021. Kracke has served the UAB community since 1929.

Projected timeline

  • Spring 2021: Relocate occupants
  • Summer-Winter 2021: Demolition of building

Mccallum (MCLM) Basic Health Science Building

MCLM renovation will help accommodate state-of-the-art wet lab space for research teams from many school departments. The new space encourages collaborative interactions, which will propel research excellence to the next level. MCLM is currently in Phase 2 of its project schedule. Phase 1 was complete in 2020.

Projected timeline Phase 2

  • Summer 2021: Construction
  • Summer 2022: Construction and furnishing
  • Fall 2022: Move-in

Projected timeline Phase 3

  • Summer-Fall 2021: Architect selection, design, and bid process
  • Summer 2022-Fall 2023: Construction and furnishing
  • Fall 2023: Move-in

Volker Hall

Renovations to the Volker Hall Education Tower will transform the building’s second floor into a new active learning center, which will help our school continue fostering a collaborative environment where our students come together.

The sixth floor will be transformed into administrative and small group space to be used by faculty, students and staff, and a new, modern atrium will create a beautiful front door for Volker directly off of University Boulevard. Generous support for the active learning classroom and atrium was provided by a lead gift from the Heersink Family Foundation.

Projected timeline
March 2022: Sixth floor renovation completed & teams moved to the new space
June 2022: Second floor and atrium construction to begin, pending approval by the UA System Board of Trustees
Spring 2023: Full completion of the renovated second floor and new atrium

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Altec/Styslinger Genomic Medicine and Data Sciences Building

In addition to being iconic in its architecture—which will feature a visible-to-all double-helix design—the Altec/Styslinger Genomic Medicine and Data Sciences Building will increase UAB’s research capacity by 16 percent and help scientists generate an additional $100 million in new grants. UAB will recruit upward of 75 additional investigators and some 350 new support staff to work alongside the talented team of researchers already in place.

Projected Timeline

  • June 2022: Board of Trustees approval of Genomics Project bid award
  • August 2022: Start full-scale demolition and construction
  • Spring 2024: Construction in-progress
  • Fall 2024: Construction Completion
  • Winter 2025: Commissioning and move-in / occupancy

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