Precision medicine is a concept that is reshaping the way we think about human health, diagnosis, and treatment of disease. It focuses on individual patients, to understand how their lifestyles, behavior, environment, and genetics interact to affect their health. More importantly, this allows a systematic approach to integrate these factors into the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease tailored to the individual patient.

In its broadest context, the technologies used to impact individual patient care might include not only genomics, but also others such as advanced imaging and remote biometric sensing devices. The term “precision medicine” is often used synonymously with “genomic medicine,” since genomics is the principal driving force in characterizing individual differences regarding disease risk and management.

It fosters multidisciplinary efforts in each of these domains to capitalize on the strengths of the UAB Health System, School of Medicine, University of Alabama Health Services Foundation, University Hospital, and our strategic partner in genomics, HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology.

Precision medicine at UAB will engage patients (and communities), researchers, clinicians, administrators, and payors in the health care arena with a goal of improving health outcomes in a cost-effective manner.