Congratulations and Welcome to UAB!

GME Orientation 2019
When?   Wednesday, June 19, 2019. Registration and a buffet breakfast will begin at 7:00 a.m. Orientation begins at 7:30 a.m. and runs until approximately 4:00 p.m.

Where?  UPDATE - For June 19, 2019, new location is West Pavilion Atrium. Margaret Cameron Spain Auditorium (Click here for map).

What do I need to bring to Orientation?  Original forms of identification.You will need this to complete the Form I-9. Bring either your Passport - OR - Social Security Card and a driver's license with picture. In additional, visa holders should bring I-94 and DS2019 if J-1 visa holder. List of other acceptable documents (click here for list of I-9 documents)

Form I-9: Must be completed before your start your training. This is a two-step process. The first part is completed electronically prior to attending orientation and the second part will be completed at orientation on June 19th.

What can I expect at Orientation? The day will be a mixture of presentations in the auditorium and visiting various stations in the auditorium lobby. Stations include Human Resources, Pharmacy, GME, IMPACT card and email address, VAMC, Lister Hill Library, Parking, ID Badge, and Lab Coats & Scrubs.

Where should I park? (Only for Orientations on 6/19/19, 6/28/19, 7/1/19)

Parking is provided for you in Lot 15N parking area.

  • Lot 15N is located at 1319 5th Ave S Birmingham, Alabama 35233  (on 5th Ave South between 13th Street South and 14th Street South).  
    • After parking in Lot 15N parking lot, walk to the bus stop located within the lot and catch the “Blue” Blazer Express.    
    • Exit the “Blue” Blazer Express bus at the Spain Rehabilitation Center.  Walk half of a block down 6th Avenue South, and West Pavilion will be on your right (halfway between 6th Avenue South and 7th Avenue South on 19th street). 
    • See Campus Map with Bus Stops for more detail:
  • After Orientation, in the afternoon, you may return to your vehicle by catching the “Blue” Blazer Express at the Spain Rehabilitation Center.  (This same bus stop where you were dropped off in the morning.)  This bus will drop you off at the bus stop at Lot 15N.

To keep your vehicle from being ticketed, it is important that you park only in the Lot 15N parking lot.

Note:  You might find the app “TransLoc” helpful when using UAB Blazer Express buses.  This app tracks Blazer Express buses on a real-time basis and provides a handy map of UAB campus bus stops.  To use it, go to

What should I do if I cannot attend?
If you are relocating to Birmingham and will not arrive by June 19th, we have a make-up orientation sessions on June 28th (8:30 a.m.) in West Pavilion Conference Center - Room E and on July 1st (8:30 a.m.) in West Pavilion Conference Center- Room E. Fellows usually attend these sessions.

Note for Pediatrics Fellows only: We have an orientation session scheduled for you on July 5th (7:30 a.m.) in West Pavilion Conference Center - Room D. More specific information will be sent to you if you are a Pediatrics Fellow.

Note for Surgical Programs that start August 1st: We have an orientation session scheduled for you on August 1st (8:30 a.m.) in West Pavilion Conference Center - Room A.

You will receive information from the GME Office with detailed information on GME onboarding via email either in early March 2019 (incoming fellows) or early April 2019 (incoming residents).


Setting Up Direct Deposit for your monthly paycheck?
Review Oracle Self Service Applications (Click here for Instructions)
  • The above link contains instructions on how to view and change personal information in the administrative systems (Oracle), view pay slips, and manage direct deposit accounts.
  • You will not have access to this system until after GME orientation and you have been electronically added to the UAB HR system. Your Program Coordinator will have information on when you have been added.
  • Your first paycheck will be issued July 31st.

What if I do not have a U.S. Social Security #?
Until you apply and receive your Social Security #, you will not be able to get your NPI number, blazer ID, ID badge, be assigned a email account, or enroll as a Medicare Provider. You will be assigned a temporary id to access your training modules in the Faculty & Staff Learning System.

UABMC.EDU email address (Outlook)?
You will be issued a email account at GME orientation, but it will not be active until after GME orientation.

How do I access UAB Health System email on my smartphone (MaaS360)?
After you receive your email address, you can get access to your UAB Health System email on either your smart phone or tablet by requesting access. The site you use to request this number can only be accessed through the UAB intranet, meaning you will have to be on-site at UAB to complete this request Here is the location. Choose Technical Support (at top of page) and under “Account and Access Requests” choose “Mobile Device Access” and “Enroll Device.”

What is my user name and password for the UAB Learning System?
Use your Blazer ID for both your user name and password.

What if I cannot log in to the UAB Learning System?
Make sure you are at this location: Link for UAB Learning System 
Please disregard the instructions on the sign-in page that says "for UAB Medical West ONLY".
Important Note: At the time your modules are assigned, you will also receive an email reminder automatically generated by the UAB Learning System notifying you about the learning modules. Unfortunately, the link on this automatically generated email reminder contains the link to the system used by current UAB employees. The link you use to access the system is: Link for UAB Learning System.

What if I forgot my username or password to MedHub?
Your username will be the first initial of your first name followed by the first initial of your last name followed by your 8 digit birth date.
To reset your password, from the homescreen:
Click "Forgot My Password" and follow the prompts.


Certification Classes

BCLS/ACLS skills tests for incoming residents will be held  June 10-12, 2019.
More information to be provided to you in an email if you need the training.