Case History

66-year-old male with mild splenomegaly. HB: 17.5 g/dL; HCT: 52%; WBC: 10.1 10^3/cm; PLT: 948 10^3/cm. Blasts <1% in bone marrow. JAK2+

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What is the diagnosis:

  1.         PMF, prefibrotic stage
  2.         PMF, fibrotic stage
  3.         ET
  4.         PV

Case History

A 62 year-old man presenting with jaundice, pancreatic duct/common bile duct dilation and ampullary mass.

 What is the most appropriate diagnosis?

    1.        Nondiagnostic specimen
    2.        Negative for malignant cells
    3.        Atypical cells present
    4.        Neoplastic cells present
    5.        Adenocarcinoma

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Case History

A 55-year-old female with a pelvic mass, laterality unknown; surgeon favors that the mass involves both adnexa and not sure which side it originated from. On gross examination there is a 17-cm complex, multilocular cyst with notable foci that show cystic, solid and papillary structures.

  1.        What is the most appropriate diagnosis?
    1.        High-grade serous carcinoma with clear cell change
    2.        Renal cell carcinoma
    3.        Yolk sac tumor
    4.        Clear cell carcinoma of the ovary

CCC HP CCC HP3 NapsinA pos

  1.        What entity is commonly associated with this lesion?
    1.        Endometriosis
    2.        Endosalpingiosis
    3.        Endocervicosis
    4.        Paratubal cysts
  1.         These tumors can present with …
    1.        Abdominal pain and swelling
    2.        Symptoms related to endometriosis
    3.        Asymptomatic
    4.        All of the above