Veterans CAN!

The UAB School of Nursing offers a special initiative, the Veterans Careen Advancement in Nursing (Veterans CAN!), for our military veterans, active duty reservists and those in the national guard, to transition into a professional nursing career and earn a baccalaureate degree in nursing.

Goals of Veterans CAN:

  • Increase diversity of the professional nursing workforce.
  • Recognize the experience and training of veterans and members of the military who desire a career in nursing.


  • Early admission review for qualified applicants
  • Opportunity for academic credit for select coursework based on military training and experience completed within the past 5 years (training and experience completed longer than 5 years ago will require a waiver and additional validation process).
  • Dedicated advisors and peer support.


  • For military veterans, active duty reservists, and those in the National Guard
  • Must be admitted to UAB prior to applying for the Veterans CAN program
  • Career goal is become a registered professional nurse
  • Provide a copy of DD Form 214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty
  • Completion of a minimum of eight nursing pre-requisite courses, including a minimum of two science courses and an English composition course equivalent to EH 101 with a minimum 2.75 GPA

Pre-nursing Course Requirements:

The following courses must be completed prior to entering BSN Program:

Area I:
Written Composition
6 hours total
EH 101 English Composition I3
EH 101 English Composition I3
Area II:
Humanities and Fine Arts
12 hours total
Literature13 (or 6)
Area II Elective3
Area III:
Natural Sciences and Mathematics
11 hours total
CH 105/106 Inorganic Chemistry4
CH 107/108 Organic Chemistry24
MA 105 or 110 Pre-Calculus or Finite Math3
Area IV:
History, Social & Behavioral Sciences
12 hours total
PY 101 Psychology3
PY 212 Developmental Psychology3
History13 (or 6)
Area IV Elective3
Area V:
Additional Pre-Nursing Requirements
18 hours total
BY 115 Human Anatomy4
BY 116 Human Physiology4
BY 261 Microbiology4
NTR 222 Nutrition3
Descriptive Statistics3
Pre-Nursing Requirements
2 hours total
NUR 100 or other approved FYE Course (Transfer Students exempt)2
Total: 61 Credit Hours
1Students need either a 6-hour sequence of literature or history.
2Students may take any additional science with lab (excluding Geology and Astronomy, and Environmental Science).